HINGE CONTENT ACCELERATOR: Helping Brands Publish Enhanced Content to the Digital Shelf

Bimbo Bakery Enhanced Content - Walmart.com

Enhanced Content (aka Rich Media, A+ Content) helps drive conversion and sales for your e-commerce business. Unfortunately, brands cannot upload enhanced content directly to most retail e-commerce sites (such as Target.com). HINGE Content Accelerator can help you publish your rich media content to your retailer sites, and enables you to use the same content across sites.

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Note From Fred: September 2020

In a world of continuing uncertainty across so many aspects of our lives, the one thing that is undeniably clear is the critical contribution of e-commerce to today’s business.  In Q2 2020 in the US, e-commerce grew by a whopping 44.5%, and now makes up 16.1% of total retail.  According to the Census Bureau of the Department of…

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