Note From Fred: February 2021

February 1, 2021 - By Fred Killingsworth

Note from our CEO

I am excited and proud to tell you that we have just launched our new HINGE Axis Amazon management software.  HINGE Axis is a proprietary SaaS (software as a service) platform designed to help eCommerce sellers and vendors streamline, optimize, and scale their Amazon business. 

We understand the complexity of successfully managing Amazon and multi-channel eCommerce businesses, and doing so efficiently is daunting.  We face these challenges every day as we managed eCommerce businesses for hundreds of companies and over $600 million in total gross sales.  Up until now though, we have had to contend with fragmented solutions and tools, along with the rest of the industry.  There are over 160 different eCommerce software tools – each with narrow, specific functionality, or limited eCommerce channel coverage.  Our frustration with having to juggle these different tools and processes left us no option but to invest heavily in building a state-of-the-art new platform that works for us and everyone else. We named the software HINGE Axis.  This single mission control center will run all of the key functions needed for Amazon and other eCommerce channels.

 What makes the HINGE Axis software unique is that it consolidates critical functionality in one place, enabling sellers, brands, manufacturers, and distributors to manage all aspects of their daily Amazon activities.  HINGE Axis is the convergence of Amazon marketing, sales, operations, and reporting and insights into a single intuitive command center.  

In the initial release, we prioritized the software focus on delivering functionality for Amazon.  And over the next few months, the platform will expand to cover other marketplaces and eCommerce sites, such as, Target+, Shopify, eBay, and others.

This is the start of an incredible journey for us at HINGE.  The product roadmap for HINGE Axis is impressive and inspiring!  We will continuously invest in and grow the HINGE Axis platform, adding new features, functionality, channel coverage, integrations, and geographic range.  Our mission is to enable eCommerce sellers, brands, and distributors to gain efficiency and productivity. HINGE GLOBAL deployed AXIS platform across our internal teams and client portfolio – we will leverage this platform to continue to provide efficient, accelerated growth for our Managed Services clients. 

Congratulations to our technology and product teams for leading Hinge Global and our clients into the future of eCommerce!

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