I’m sharing an example of a third-party seller listing for Oreo’s that feels like an April Fools Day prank, although I don’t think this was intended as a joke.  The product is listed for $0.20, but has a $15.49 shipping fee!  This is not only a great example of a “gotcha,” but also a reminder of why it’s important for customer satisfaction to keep an eye on their third-party sellers!


We continue to expand our strategic partner relationships to drive more value for our clients.  Last month I spoke about the partnership that HINGE has created with Nielsen IQ – the world’s leader in measurement and data analytics.  This partnership gives HINGE (and our clients) access to cross-channel measurement data and enables Nielsen to tap into HINGE’s operational expertise to help their clients maximize eCommerce success.


This month, I’m excited to announce that HINGE and DM Fulfillment have joined forces to deliver Turnkey Commerce.  Turnkey Commerce solves the biggest challenges faced by eCommerce businesses by enabling brand and product companies to expand their market reach. The way it works is simple:  We buy the product from you at wholesale (leveraging DM Fulfillment), and you reap the benefits of leveraging Hinge Global’s eCommerce agency services without having to pay fixed fees. Hinge Global and DM would represent your brand exclusively on channels such as Walmart, Amazon, Target+, Zoro, Chewy, Ebay, and more.  If you qualify, we may even buy your inventory and enable you to sell on Target+ (an invite-only marketplace). We have a unique relationship with Target+, because of our proven track record.  Read below to learn more.


Our HINGE Axis Amazon Seller management software continues to grow and gather accolades.  Axis integrates data across 42 separate reports from Amazon Seller Central, plus pulls in 104 weeks of historical data.  As a result, Axis delivers insight and business analytics that are simply not possible from the Amazon platform.  In the coming months, we will be adding case management, listing suppression notifications, and more to enable eCommerce sellers to run their operations more efficiently.

As always, reach out to me if you have any questions, or if there’s anything we can do to help accelerate your eCommerce business.

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