Amazon Continues to Conquer the Grocery Wars

In 2018 Amazon hit the top of the charts as the most regular online grocery option. Now, they are looking to continue their influence in the category throughout 2019.

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Of all of the online grocery shopping options in 2018, Amazon hit the top of the charts as the most regularly used with nearly 10 times the reach of their leading competitors. Although traditional in-store grocery shopping is currently the most common method, a study by Neilsen shows that in about four to six years, 70% of consumers will be grocery shopping online. According to the study’s findings, 36% of participants said they purchased groceries online in 2018, and 28% said that they purchased groceries online through Amazon.

Amazon made a loud entry into the grocery industry with Amazon Fresh and the Whole Foods acquisition in 2017, which landed Amazon at number eight on Progressive Grocer’s Top 50 Grocer’s List last July. The giant shows no signs of slowing down in 2019 either, with the recent introduction of branded meal kits in select Whole Foods as their first attempt at influencing the grocery market.

According to Forbes, Amazon isn't focused on selling groceries: Amazon is focused on creating an ecosystem capable of meeting the needs of customers for all things retail. Why compete when you can reimagine the entire grocery experience?

What sets Amazon apart from other grocery retailers is simple - Amazon is creating more than a place to buy food online. Amazon is building a grocery ecosystem that is revolutionizing the industry and the way that consumers shop. The platform is consistently seeking to meet the needs of consumers in the ways of both quality and convenience.

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