Breaking News: Amazon is terminating the Early Reviewer Program

Our team has received breaking news from Amazon Seller Support that Amazon is ending its Early Reviewer Program. 

March 5, 2021 - By HINGE GLOBAL

Product Reviews

Our team has received news from Amazon Seller Support that it is ending the Early Reviewer Program.  (This is the program that encourages consumers who have already bought a product to share their feedback through Amazon’s reviews.)  The termination of this program may be because Amazon is trying to curb fake reviews.


Starting March 1, 2021, Amazon will not accept any new enrollments for the Early Reviewer Program.

Any seller who has already enrolled will have this functionality stopped by April 20, 2021.  These sellers will not be charged for any reviews published after this date, and they also will not be charged the program fee for the service if they do not receive any reviews by this date.

Per Amazon Seller Support:  “Amazon will return the program fee within three months after the program closure date, for any active enrollments with more than 1 review and not completed by April 20.”

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