Amazon Looks Out for Small Businesses with New Free Tools

At Hinge, we are keeping your fingers on the Pulse with our latest article covering a few of Amazon’s new small business tools.

Jennifer Haskell

Amazon is lending a helping hand to the small businesses that comprise the majority of their seller platform. April saw the e-commerce mammoth unroll fifty new free tools with the purpose of giving some aid to some companies. According to Amazon’s Small Business Impact Report, there are over a million small and mid-sized sellers in the U.S. which are generating over 900,000 jobs. Bearing these numbers in mind and understanding the impact these businesses have on individual lives from the East to West coast makes it easy to understand why Amazon may be motivated to offer a few new tools for free in 2019.

Among the fifty new free tools Amazon has added, such as the Interactive Seller University, one of the most exciting is the FBA storage fee waiver for listing new items on the platform. Below, we have gone into greater depth about the promotion Amazon is currently running to incentivize  sellers to list new-to Amazon items.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Storage Fee Waiver:

According to eCOMMERCEBYTES, Amazon started a 6 month promotion where they will “waive monthly storage fees for the first 50 units of each eligible new ASIN received at fulfillment centers from March 18, 2019, through September 30, 2019. Sellers can remove any of those initial units from July 1, 2019, through September 30, 2019, with no FBA removal fees.”

With the FBA monthly storage and removal fees waived, sellers in select regions can now test out limited quantity new-to-Amazon products for a promotional period. This means that qualified sellers adding new ASINs to their catalog could have storage fees waived to allow them lower risk in trying out new products. This works out for sellers as well as Amazon because it encourages sellers to expand their selections while offering Amazon growth.

You may remember that Amazon ran a similar program last year, and though this was a great opportunity for new and small sellers, it caused the landscape to drastically change for those who had already been on the platform. The thing to remember - whether you are a small to mid-sized business launching new items, or a seasoned Amazon seller -Hinge experts are always here to help you navigate the landscape of Amazon.

If you have any questions or need help getting your business optimized - feel free to reach out to our Amazon experts here. Get Amazon news with our Pulse articles.

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