Amazon’s Pet Food Brand - Wag

Amazon released a private label dog food brand and Hinge is here to put some fears to rest.

Jennifer Haskell

Early last year announced they would be growing the pet category. As promised, they have made efforts to do so by creating their own pet food label - Wag. Featuring five different recipes, Amazon continues to expand its private label brands only available to Prime members. Starting in 2016 with pet beds and carriers in AmazonBasics, the retail giant is leveraging underdeveloped categories to gain notoriety for the future Amazon of owned and supplied products.

According to Packaged Facts:

“Pet products are among the fastest-growing online retail categories [...] The scariest part for competitors is that recent news indicates the e-commerce juggernaut is still coming on strong and unabated in the U.S. pet category.”

Now, many pet food vendors are asking how this might affect their product sales and considering the pet category rakes in upwards of $70 billion a year, their concern is palpable. Yet, as we have addressed in other articles, Amazon’s private label products does not signify a hostile takeover in any category. Even after Amazon released Wag, Blue Buffalo was still the number one ranking dog food brand on the platform and anyone looking at their product detail page (PDP) can see why. Their page is optimized, which is the best way to increase sessions and conversions on the platform.

Hinge maintains that the best way to achieve success on the platform is with a well executed marketing strategy, a talented team to optimize the page, and experts to maintain it.

Do you have a dog food brand and would like to optimize your PDP? Our experts here are always available to help.

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