Automated Bidding and AMS Software Platform

HINGE GLOBAL is always looking for improvements in technology and automation to improve ROI for our clients. Read about our latest offering that can help your brand’s marketing.

January 28, 2020 - By HINGE GLOBAL Operations Team


HINGE GLOBAL has a strategic partnership with a leading digital marketing software company that provides optimized keyword bidding and automated sponsored products, sponsored brands and overall digital campaign management on and This proven technology allows you and your authorized third party sellers to manage your Amazon Marketing spending more efficiently, increase your Return on Ad Spending, and grow market share. Clients who have used this platform have seen a 34% increase in dollar sales with the same spend levels, and reduce labor costs.

Because of HINGE’s strategic partnership with this company, we can offer access to the platform at a significant discount.  (We can also offer a completely managed marketing service if you would prefer to use our expert team.)

Please reach out to us HERE to learn more!

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