Sale of Pesticides within California

In addition to federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements on the sale of pesticides in the United States, further requirements apply for sales on certain pesticide products at the state level. The California Department of Pesticide Regulation (CDPR) requires the registration of certain pesticides sold in the State of California. Amazon checks all pesticide products…

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Amazon Announces FBA and Disposal Fee Changes


Amazon’s FBA fees will increase by 2-8%, and disposal fees will more than double in cost.  Given Amazon’s announced fee increases, if sellers have disposals or removals, they should aim to have those completed before January 18. Sellers should also explore FBM or distributor fulfillment methods, and review their margins and pricing strategy. Reach out to Hinge Global to learn more.

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New ASIN Creation Policy on Amazon

To help minimize counterfeit products, Amazon has implemented new ASIN creation policy requirements to the process of adding new ASINs to your product catalog.

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More Fulfillment by Amazon Delays

Trucks loading and unloading at Fulfillment by Amazon center

Amazon is now asking for in-bound FBA shipments to 3 different receiving centers. Additionally, sources tell us that Amazon will be prioritizing certain categories (such as Toys) over other categories in Q4, to also free up their fulfillment centers.  Read how you can mitigate these risks to your Q4 business.

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The NielsenIQ and HINGE GLOBAL Partnership

NielsenIQ has teamed up with HINGE GLOBAL to combine the power of HINGE’s eCommerce expertise with Nielsen’s traditional retail and omnichannel insights. Together we are helping large and small CPG companies optimize their multichannel retail strategies.

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HINGE Axis Software Streamlines eCommerce Data Reporting and Operations

HINGE Axis Integrated Software

CINCINNATI, Feb. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — HINGE GLOBAL, an industry-leading eCommerce agency, has launched a ground-breaking eCommerce software service called HINGE Axis.  HINGE Axis is a proprietary SaaS (software as a service) platform that simplifies and streamlines the management of Amazon and other eCommerce businesses.  HINGE GLOBAL has developed this software leveraging its 150+ years of collective Amazon…

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