New ASIN Creation Policy on Amazon

To help minimize counterfeit products, Amazon has implemented new ASIN creation policy requirements to the process of adding new ASINs to your product catalog.

October 25, 2021 - By Kathy Cummins

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Amazon’s new ASIN creation policy has been updated and changes the process for creating new ASINS.

Moving forward, brands need to show a copy of the certificate issued to you by GS1, 1WorldSync, or other GDSN registration authorities, to show your legal entity and associated GTIN prefix(s).

Brands also need to demonstrate proof that the legal entity on this certificate is related to your brand(s), such as a trademark registration, or the website which displays your products or brand and its relationship with the UPC/EAN owner. Amazon will only consider official websites owned by the brand, manufacturer, or the UPC/EAN owner — the affiliation should be clearly called out.

This change is to help minimize counterfeit products, and reduce the use of “recycled UPCs.”

To learn more, click here.

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