Employee Spotlight: Fabiano Moura

Fabiano has joined HINGE as a Senior Advertising Manager, overseeing our e-commerce advertising strategies across Amazon, Walmart.com, Instacart, and more. We are thrilled to have Fabiano on the team!

November 25, 2020 - By HINGE GLOBAL


Q. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I was born in Brasilia Brazil.  My siblings and I moved to the US when I was 10 years old while my father finished his PHD at the University of Arizona. I was shy in middle school but I came out of my shell in high school, where I enjoyed playing sports like soccer or as we South Americans call “futbol”, volleyball and good ol’ American football. I am a father of two pre-teen daughters and enjoy the outdoors:  camping, hiking, kayaking and stargazing.

Q. What made you interested in joining HINGE?
I am passionate about ecommerce but I knew that I wanted to be involved at a different level than I had done before. While considering my options, it became clear that HINGE would be a great place to grow while also leveraging my previous experience. HINGE is a fast-paced and growing company that offers incredible services to its clients and is doing innovative things in the industry. I was delighted when I was given the opportunity to join.

Q. You are overseeing the Advertising Strategy across a range of HINGE’s clients.  What is your top guiding principle when you are looking to optimize their spending?  
Efficiency. While innovation, focus and relevance are super important, efficiency is the glue that holds them together. For innovation, we need to be able to think outside the box in order to stay ahead of the curve in the fast-changing environment of ecommerce. Relevance is important because each client, project and product portfolio is unique with its own set of nuances and KPIs that determine success and lead to growth. Focus is at the top of the list because there is no shortage of levers to pull in order to move the needle of growth and profitability but only a few have the potential of providing exponential results. It can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack but once you find the needle we are off to the races and big things can happen very quickly. However, efficiency is the glue that holds it all together because it is easy to get side-tracked and spend time on things that matter instead of things that matter most.

Q. What are the biggest differences that you see with advertising performance this year vs. last year?
From year-to-year, the biggest difference I see is in costs of advertising and market saturation. In general as time passes each product category becomes more competitive with more brands and products fighting for the same space. This is great for customer experience as it provides more choices. For the brands and sellers, it increases the cost of advertising and requires ongoing optimization and attention. The global pandemic has had a huge impact on digital consumer purchasing behavior too. Search traffic and conversion rates are higher across most categories. Again, this is great for the consumer but does impact the advertising cost and competitive landscape for sellers.

Q. As we head into the holiday shopping period, how are you modifying Advertising strategies?
Like most answers in advertising, it depends. As a general rule we are looking to be adaptable on ACoS and revenue targets, and breaking them into four time specific categories of,  1.Now to Thanksgiving, 2. Black Friday and Cyber Monday, 3. Thanksgiving to Pre-Christmas cool off, and 4. January warm up. We are dedicating specific budgets and determining unique ACoS targets for each period according to market trends from last year and overlaying additional layers of predictions that come from analysis of the influence the pandemic has had on shopping behavior specific to this year. Using these predictions and forecast models we are setting targets for budget allocation and ACoS accordingly and monitoring closely for adjustments along the way as needed.

Q. Do you have a fun fact about yourself that you’d like to share with everyone?
I speak 3 languages – English, Portuguese and Spanish. This is not a “fun fact” by itself, but what makes it fun is that I often have dreams where people who only speak one language are conversing fluently in other languages. It is quite fascinating how the brain works!

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