Employee Spotlight: Katie Nacu

Katie Nacu is one of our very talented Senior Designers at HINGE, specializing in graphic design and enhanced content for product listings on Walmart.com, Target+, Amazon and other sites. She is also a closet Spider-Man fan – who knew!?!

April 27, 2021 - By HINGE GLOBAL

Katie Nacu

Q.  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I studied Visual Communication Design at Northern Kentucky University and graduated with my BFA in 2016 (which seems like a lifetime ago). After graduating, I worked at LPK and go branding and packaging experience.  I also experienced smaller “boutique” design agency life as well.  Prior to joining HINGE, eCommerce was completely new territory for me, but all the design foundational skills are completely applicable here, and have helped me grow as an eCom designer!

Katie Animation

Q. You have been at HINGE for 3 years.  What is your favorite part of working here?

I can’t believe that I’ve been here for 3 years – it only feels like 3 months!  My favorite part about working at HINGE is that questions are always welcome no matter what they are. I am lucky to work at a company where everyone collaborates and is always hands-on. You can really rely on your teammates to think through strategies and find great solutions.  I also really enjoy designing for eCommerce.  It’s a different way of thinking because most people only look at an image for 1-4 seconds, so you have a very short amount of time to grab their attention and communicate key information.


Q. You are doing design work for products sold on many different eCommerce sites (Walmart, Target, Petco, to name a few).  What are some things that you really pay attention to with product images and enhanced content?

There are a few things that I like to keep in mind when looking on eCommerce sites: 1) Is the information consistent from retail to eCom? and 2) What is lacking within the Product Images and Enhanced Content? (i.e., logos, lifestyle images, branded copy, videos, product in-use images, branded graphics). That helps build a basis for creativity to make sure the brand is fully communicated on every platform. Consistency is always key!


Q. You are very creative!  Beyond your day-to-day work as a designer at HINGE, what are a few of the other ways you flex your creative muscles?

I love to draw! I am currently trying to practice portrait drawing. I like to use drawing as a form of relaxation especially when I feel stuck. It is teaching me to slow down and really pay attention to what is in front of me. I am also working on some needle punch embroidery projects and baking on the weekends. If I am not inside doing those three things, I am outside rollerskating, at the park with my dog, or discovering new restaurants!


Q. What is something that few people know about you?  (Share your deepest secret with us – we won’t tell!)

I am obsessed with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I really do try my best to keep up with all of the backstories and information about all of the characters, but I am sure what I know doesn’t come close to what others might! I just really enjoy how all of the storylines intertwine with each other and I love theorizing what will happen next.

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