Employee Spotlight: Olga Andriievska

Olga Andriievska is an invaluable member of the HINGE GLOBAL Operations team. Olga ensures that listings are structured correctly. Olga also oversees our demand planning efforts (a particularly challenging responsibility this year given the myriad of supply chain issues and constantly-changing policies at Amazon).

December 31, 2020 - By HINGE GLOBAL


Q. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am originally from Ukraine.  My husband and I came to the US in Feb 2015.  Our journey to the US has been so interesting and challenging.  My husband was granted a green card to the US, and we had a friend from the Ukraine who was living in Cincinnati.  As it turns out, Cincinnati (Mason area) has a large population of people from the former Soviet Union.  We even have a Russian specialty grocery store!  We have a son who is four years old, and a one-year old daughter.  I really love the flexibility that HINGE gives me to work from home (which I was occasionally doing even before COVID). The ability to work from home really makes being a working mother of young children much easier.  I can flex my hours to get my work done and still spend time with my family.

Q. What do you love most about working for HINGE?
I love creating listings – I love organizing the structure for the SKU’s (i.e., that child and parent SKU’s are linked together and flow up to the brand, multiple brands stack under the storefront).  I also really like that I am learning new things every single day.  I need to constantly adjust – nothing ever stays the same, and I have had to learn to adapt quickly and be creative in my problem-solving.  I’ve learned how to get things done with the Amazon team, who to call, what to say, and how to get things through the system.  It still requires a great deal of patience though – there are times when simple issues are ignored by Amazon for a long time and you have to be persistent and demanding to get them resolved.

Q. This year has been incredibly challenging for managing Amazon operations – there have been so many changes and new policies in place.  Of all your accomplishments this year, what is one of the things that have you been most proud of?   
We knew that the Amazon Fulfillment Centers and the shipping carriers were going to backed up in Q4, especially once we learned that Prime Day was going to be in Q4.  As a result, back in June, we already started to estimate inventory requirements for Q4.  Every client had a different set of inventory constraints and Amazon also had set limits by SKU.  Despite this, we were able to submit the Q4 demand plan by ASIN/SKU by end of June, enabling our clients to have plenty of time to plan.  

[By the way, the latest news from Amazon is that by week 51 of 2020, if a seller’s IPI score is 450 or above, the seller will not be subject to storage volume limits.  However, sellers with IPIs below 450 will continue to have restrictions in inventory quantities.]

Q. What is something that few people know about you?
I’m a perfectionist – I don’t like things being disorganized.  That’s why I love organizing the listings, but sometimes things don’t work in the way I see them.  I am addicted to sweets – especially chocolate.  I’m really blessed that my husband is a great cook, and we both enjoy food.  I also love puzzles, I love finding new places to go hiking, and I recently took up camping.  We’ve gone camping three times this year, and have gradually added to our set of camping gear.  Fortunately, all of the things that I love to do are perfectly suited to the COVID situation!

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