Example - FBA Delivery Date ReportAmazon Prime Shipping may now take anywhere between 3 days to 37 days. Even if your brand is a “Health Supply” product, the Amazon FBA delivery time for some of your products could be 30 days or longer.  On the flip side, if your brand is “Non-Essential,” some of your ASINS might actually be getting shipped in under a week.


HINGE GLOBAL has created an automated report to help you assess the Amazon FBA delivery time for each of your products (this example is for a Health Supply company). This report is run across a range of zip codes to ensure consistent times across the country. Once you are armed with this information, HINGE GLOBAL can help you quickly migrate those products that have delayed Amazon shipping to Fulfill By Merchant (FBM).

For sellers continuing to using FBA, remember that Amazon is trying to get as many products out the door as quickly as possible. As a result, the same packaging that you use to deliver your items to the Fulfillment Center is what Amazon is using to ship out to customers.  Sellers need to adapt to ensure that your products are prepped for shipment already once the items are sent to the Fulfillment Center.  Use sturdy packaging to protect fragile items.

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