Good Data Enables Business Efficiency

Having the right data enhances e-commerce business efficiency, speed of decision-making, and eliminates guess work.

August 30, 2020 - By Kathy Cummins

Hand holding ruler and pencil measuring the word success

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

—Peter Drucker

Good data is the cornerstone of an efficient e-commerce business, enabling you to make informed decisions about your business. Data allows you to set the right strategic priorities, and helps you spot the actions that you should start, stop, or continue to optimize your brand.

HINGE GLOBAL offers two types of data services:

  1. Syndicated on-going business tracking:

    These tools are designed for e-commerce managers, brand managers, and marketplace sellers to track and improve their online business efficiency. Armed with our business tracking data, brand managers and sellers can understand the levers to drive their business.

    Our most popular business tracking tools are:

    • Competitive Brand Share Reporting – This enables you to see how your performance is stacking vs. competition and who is winning or losing share.
    • 3P Seller Tracking – This shows you both your authorized and unauthorized third-party sellers, and tracks their MAP compliance and who is winning the Buy Box.
    • Listing Quality Audit – This gives you an objective view of the health of your listings on Amazon.
    • Weekly Business and Ad Performance Tracking – This integrates your business results to allow you to see trends in your business and diagnose what actions are working or not working.
  2. Consulting Services:

    These custom business plans are tailored for brand owners and sellers to help guide their business’ e-commerce strategy. We provide insights to help decision-makers assess where to play and how to win in a very competitive marketplace.

    • e-Commerce Market Assessment – This shares the category size and key competitors, enabling businesses to assess the market opportunity.
    • Product Launch Plan – This business plan provides clear product assortment and pricing recommendations for each marketplace, volume potential, estimated margin, marketing spend requirements, and operational considerations to enable businesses to set their launch strategies with eyes wide open.

Having the right data enhances e-commerce business efficiency, speed of decision-making, and eliminates guesswork. Don’t wait – reach out to us to learn how you can gain an advantage over your competition and generate better and more predictable results.

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