Amazon Case Management – Now A Part of Hinge Axis

Amazon Case Management is now a part of Hinge Axis; a feature unique to our eCommerce software platform for sellers and vendors.

December 1, 2021 - By HINGE Axis

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Brands selling on Amazon Seller Central or Vendor Central are able to reach out to Amazon Support by clicking on “Get Support.”  This starts the Amazon Case Management process. Common reasons to reach out to Amazon include requesting bin checks, filing for FBA warehouse damaged goods, suppressed listings, order removal requests, stranded inventory, and more. Once a new support case is opened, it can be very tedious to track the case log to ensure that the case is being resolved. It can also be time-consuming to track the number of days that a case is open, and the status of a case.


Amazon Case Management in Hinge Axis Overview

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HINGE Axis, the breakthrough eCommerce software, has introduced Amazon Case Management. Hinge Axis is unique in that this is the only eCommerce solution that gives sellers the ability to track the status and manage their support cases for the Amazon marketplace. The Axis Dashboard gives sellers a quick view of what cases need attention right away.  Then, within Axis, eCommerce teams can track, respond, and resolve cases as quickly as possible.  The breakthrough capability also enables you to search across all your cases, tag them for internal use, create internal workflow tickets, and more.  

HINGE Axis Case Templates also help to streamline correspondence with Amazon Support, ensuring that you give all the key information, and use the appropriate terminology, to ensure faster resolution of your issue.

Take advantage of this game-changing technology to improve your Amazon Seller operations and processes.  Book a demo today.

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