Enhanced content (also known as Rich Media on Target.com, A+ Content on Amazon, and Enhanced Content on Walmart.com) drives engagement and conversion on the digital shelf. Although this rich media sits below the fold, it is often positioned just above consumer reviews and ratings.  This content also provides an additional place in the listing to communicate the product benefits using visuals and text. Salsify sees an average 10% increase in conversion when they publish rich media to product listings. However, brands cannot upload enhanced content directly to most retail e-commerce sites — you have to use a third-party Connected Content Partner like Salsify.

Enhanced Content Walmart.comIntroducing HINGE Content Accelerator

HINGE Content Accelerator enables brands to leverage HINGE GLOBAL’s Salsify instance to upload enhanced content to your e-commerce retail sites. This means that in as few as two days after assets are finalized, HINGE GLOBAL can have your enhanced content uploaded to your sites for you.

Brands also have the option to leverage HINGE GLOBAL’s industry-leading design services to create the content. Every retail site has unique specifications and formatting required. With HINGE Content Accelerator, we ensure that your content is optimized for all of the retail sites that you are using.  This way, you can maximize the sales lift from a single piece of rich media across your channels.

How HINGE Content Accelerator works:

  • HINGE GLOBAL and the Brand connect to align on digital content needs, desired frequency of updates, and the channels for syndication
  • The Brand sends HINGE GLOBAL their digital assets or elects to have HINGE GLOBAL create digital assets on their behalf.
  • HINGE GLOBAL uploads finalized Enhanced Content onto the Salsify platform.  This content can then be published to sites such as Target.com, Walmart.com, Amazon, Petco.com, Petsmart.com, Shopify, and more.

To learn more about HINGE Content Accelerator, contact us at contact@hingeglobal.com. To learn about Salsify, visit salsify.com/enhanced-content-brands.

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