Top 2019 Sweets & Snacks Category Trends

See what’s coming in 2019 as we explore the Top 5 Trends hitting the Sweets & Snacks category.

Jennifer Haskell

Hinge Global sent representation to the Chicago Sweets & Snacks Expo that took place May 21-23 at McCormick Place. Our best Hinge Global consultants were there to talk to roughly 800 exhibitors in the category. With 15,000 industry professionals in attendance, our consultants were eager to speak to potential clients about their ideas for the coming years. As experts in the space, our consultants are well-equipped to offer help to vendors that cater to their specific demands through the remaining quarters of 2019.

With roughly $86 billion being represented between the Sweets and Snacks categories, it was enormously exciting to anyone with an interest in the industry. Our consultants came back with some exciting new trends. Who would have thought that mushrooms and puffed quinoa would be replacing carbs and trans fats in 2019? The focus in the snacking industry is on developing healthier alternatives for snack items, since nearly half the population is snacking 2-3 times a day. People are more conscious of their eating habits, and with the popularity of diets like keto and gluten-free, snack companies are getting creative.

Transparent Packaging

Our consultants noticed one trend regarding packaging. Snack and confectionery brands are more invested in letting customers know exactly what they are eating, the antithesis of the packaging strategies of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. With the growing awareness of misleading packages, many companies are trying to advertise to the educated public regarding improved nutritional value.

Plant Based Products

Bringing new life to plant-based products, many snack companies are pitching that plants aren’t just for vegans and vegetarians. Whether in protein powder form soy or matcha, plant-based products are seeing a rise in popularity. Due to the inherently low-calorie benefits of vegetables and roots over animal products, plants are growing in popularity in dieting and bodybuilding circles.

Fewer Added Sugars, More Natural Sugars

Much like the changes happening in snacks, many new confectionary brands are incorporating natural sweeteners and reducing the added sugar. People are increasingly aware of the health risks presented by added sugar in products and are becoming more active in seeking out foods with less.

Smaller Package Sizes

Continuing with the theme of healthier snacking options, many companies are adjusting the sizes of their packages to accommodate lower calories per portion size. Specifically, they seem to be wanting to keep their calories under 200 per serving to stay more health-conscious and make it easier for people on diets like Weight Watchers to incorporate. This is in line with the holistic lifestyle changes popular in contemporary dieting that cautions against fads and trends and focuses on long-term change.

Adventurous Flavors

From BBQ-flavored cotton candy to Sriracha Chocolate, there were certainly some interesting flavor combinations. Keeping with the idea of reinventing their products, both Snack and Sweets companies are looking for a fresh new twist on some munchable classics.

At Hinge Global, our consultants always look forward to meeting new people and trying new products at annual expos to keep our entire staff informed and in the industry know. We pride ourselves in being a holistic e-commerce management company and always look forward to what each category has in store each year.

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Hinge is a marketplace performance agency
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certain and fortune favors the bold.

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