Meet Flint
Launching the world's first retractable lint roller

With an award-winning and patented lint roller, Flint was on a mission to disrupt a category that hadn’t seen major innovation since, well, the lint roller was invented. Despite great performance in specialty retailers, building awareness for the relatively unknown brand meant engaging consumers on today's widest-reaching platform: Amazon.


In March of 2017, we partnered with Flint to relaunch and manage their Amazon presence. Our job at Hinge was simple: establish Flint as a major contender in a marketplace larger brands had generally neglected. With our help, Flint became the only lint roller brand with fully optimized listings. So far, Flint's improved search ranking and refreshed content designed to stop thumbs and drive conversion have generated a threefold increase in sales.

‍Product Detail Page and Product Imagery

Driving purchase decisions

Flint currently holds the highest conversion rate of any lint roller on Amazon, about 38% higher than the Amazon average. By leveraging Flint equity, refining product imagery, and communicating functionality, Hinge's branded content reinforced Flint’s fashion-forward image in the minds of consumers, uniting the lint roller with what consumers care about most: clean and kept personal style.

Enhanced Brand Content

The Outcome

Today, Flint is the second most commonly searched lint roller brand. In 9 months, between our relaunch in March 2017 and by the end of the year, Flint became the 4th largest brand in the category (today, they are the 3rd largest) with a significant increase in sales, 4.2X return on ad spend, and an 18% conversion rate.

key takeaway
Amazon levels the playing field

At Hinge, we often refer to Amazon as "The Great Equalizer." No brand is too big to fail and none are too small to be competitive in the marketplace. With many listings relying on brand awareness for discoverability, a savvy and disruptive strategy has the potential to claim sizeable marketshare. With an expanding product line to boost sales and few competitive obstacles standing in their way, our goal at Hinge is to have Flint be the #1 selling Lint Roller on Amazon by the end of 2018.

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