HINGE CONTENT ACCELERATOR: Helping Brands Publish Enhanced Content to the Digital Shelf

Bimbo Bakery Enhanced Content - Walmart.com

Enhanced Content (aka Rich Media, A+ Content) helps drive conversion and sales for your e-commerce business. Unfortunately, brands cannot upload enhanced content directly to most retail e-commerce sites (such as Target.com). HINGE Content Accelerator can help you publish your rich media content to your retailer sites, and enables you to use the same content across sites.

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Requirement Changes for Seller Fulfilled Prime

Amazon is making significant investments in their fulfillment and transportation capabilities to make Prime faster, transitioning from a Two-Day to a One-Day delivery program. Because of these changes, Amazon is requiring some changes to Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP).

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Protect your brand on Amazon from 3rd party sellers

“How do I remove a 3rd Party Seller from Amazon that is listing my brand/product below MSRP or is selling counterfeit product under my brand name?” This is a common question we often get asked by clients. The short answer is, you cannot remove them. However, there are steps you can take to protect your brand’s content and quality, pricing, and minimize the impact of unauthorized sellers on Amazon.

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Why Amazon Is Critical To Drive College Licensing Revenue

Cancelation of Fall 2020 College Football Season

Now more than ever, consumers are relying on Amazon to meet their shopping needs in a post-COVID world.  To help drive revenue, university licensing programs should improve their schools’ Amazon presence by creating a college-branded Amazon Storefront, and work with their licensees to improve product listing quality. The Impact of COVID-19 on College Licensing Revenue…

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New Amazon FBA Inventory Limits

As of 7/13/2020, Amazon announced three updates to their policies regarding FBA inventory within Amazon warehouses.  These changes are a part of Amazon’s continued response to COVID-19, as well as preparing for the peak Q4 time period. 

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