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Your company may be considering building an internal staff to oversee your e-commerce business. However, the cost of partnering with HINGE GLOBAL will be less than the cost of hiring a single mid-level individual. We also provide flexibility so that you can tap into our talent, tools and technology in whatever way best fits your business needs.

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Plan your future with HINGE GLOBAL and transform your career today. We are always eager to meet industry professionals and talented graduates eager to take bold new steps into the future. If you have e-commerce expertise or are an ambitious professional ready for a fast-paced environment, HINGE GLOBAL invites you to join our holistic team of marketplace experts. Apply now and start shaping the online landscape.

Available Positions

Ecommerce Advertising Architect

Any Location

Job Description: Perform keyword research analysis for clients using third-party software/tools, aligning strategies with internal Copy and Data Analytics teams for keyword and category-level insights. Use company technology platform to change bids and optimize campaigns to achieve specific client goals. Help develop an advertising platform for Hinge Axis utilizing Jira…

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