Reach More Shoppers With Amazon Buyer-Seller Messages

By utilizing Amazon Buyer-Seller Messages, your brand can enhance communication between a buyer and create the most positive customer experience. Communication between buyer and seller on Amazon is an integral part of any brand’s seller activities. This engagement not only enhances the the customer experience and their loyalty, but it also helps your brand generate more positive reviews and rankings. It’s also a very good way to handle any questions customers may have and reduce (or even eliminate) any potential negative feedback.


Hinge Axis Fully Supports Amazon Buyer-Seller Messages

To help you, our Amazon Seller Software—Hinge Axis—now has added an amazing new feature: Amazon Buyer-Seller Messages.  Now, you can monitor, read, respond, and keep track of your buyer-seller messages all in one place.

Hinge Axis helps you stay on top of your messages in several key ways:

  1. The number of unanswered messages are automatically tracked every two hours. Messages that are past due are flagged.
  2. You can read and respond to the messaged directly from within the Hinge Axis platform.
  3. Reply templates are also available to common questions, making your responses more efficient and standardized.
  4. Messages are databased, giving you the ability to group and organize messages by topic (e.g., “Product Quality Issues,” “Fulfillment Issues,” etc.)
  5. Internal tasks can be created from messages and be used to delegate follow-up messages or actions from other members of your organization.

Are you ready to start improving your Amazon Seller ratings?

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