Advertising (AMS / PPC / DSP)

As a verified Amazon advertising partner, HINGE GLOBAL has the experience and technology to help you maximize your advertising return on investment. Our automated bidding tools, granular tracking data, and strategic protocols enable us to achieve ROIs that are 33% higher than Amazon’s averages. Our platforms also work on


support your brand with paid advertising

To help your brand stand out on Amazon, and other cluttered eCommerce marketplaces, you need to invest in paid advertising. Diversify your ad types to drive greater visibility, and promote your products in different places. You should also diversify your targets since not all products in your catalog are the same. Most of all, be sure to track all of your activity carefully (by time period, by brand, by category, by ad type, and by campaign). When we run PPC, we use a combination of manual bidding to identify most effective buys, and then streamline the process with automated bidding. We track results to optimize over-time to ensure long term success.

Advertising for Amazon

leverage amazon dsp, through hinge

The Amazon DSP enables sellers to target new and existing customers both on and off Amazon. This helps expand brand awareness and improve relevance with a single view. The DSP platform allows clients to programmatically reach their audiences across both Amazon-owned sites and apps like IMDb, and leading publishers’ sites through direct inventory from Amazon Publisher Services and third-party exchanges.

We Manage Amazon DSP At A Significantly Lower Price Than Amazon Media Group

As a partner with Amazon DSP, HINGE GLOBAL has our own direct access to the DSP. This enables us to provide the full range of Amazon DSP inventory (in addition to Amazon’s standard ad platforms). HINGE GLOBAL can provide sellers with a significantly less expensive way of accessing Amazon DSP relative to using Amazon Media Group for this. Reach out to us to learn more!

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