Paid Advertising & Marketing Services

As a certified Amazon consulting agency, HINGE GLOBAL has the experience and technology to help you maximize your advertising return on investment. Our automated bidding tools, granular tracking data, and strategic protocols enable us to achieve ROIs that are 33% higher than Amazon’s averages. Our platforms also work on!

Additionally, HINGE GLOBAL has our own direct access to the DSP.  This enables us to provide the full range of Amazon DSP inventory (in addition to Amazon’s standard ad platforms). Brands that run Amazon DSP through the Amazon Media Group will spend a minimum investment of $35,000.

However, brands leveraging HINGE GLOBAL for Amazon DSP will have all of the benefits of Amazon’s DSP options at a lower initial investment.

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HINGE GLOBAL can develop your DSP strategy, launch the programs, and manage the service for multi-channel and multi-platform campaigns.  This advertising can support a wide variety of goals, including:

Targeting audiences that have already visited your product page by re-marketing to them on Amazon (where they may be closer to making a purchase decision), or

Driving brand awareness by reaching customers outside of Amazon with video content that introduces them to your brand and top products.