Why am I not making a profit on my eCommerce business?

This is a common question.

The short answer is that to maximize your margins in e-commerce, you cannot simply throw products online. It requires careful strategic planning, flawless demand planning, efficient paid marketing, and vigilant compliance with operational regulations.


To maximize profitability, brands need to be smart about the product assortment, size/pack size bundle, and the selling price that they set. HINGE GLOBAL can help determine the expected margin per item, reflecting cost of goods, expected volume, shipping fees, warehousing fees, marketplace co-op fees, and other investments.

Go into your e-commerce launch with both eyes open! Leverage HINGE GLOBAL’s strategic planning tools to help you optimize your Amazon business.

Market Size & Category Landscape Assessment

  • Assess market size by category on Amazon,, and/or Shopify
  • Identify top competitors across segments and their average prices
Market Size & Category Assessment

Business Launch Plan

  • Determine white space opportunities in your category
  • Develop detailed assortment and pricing recommendations
  • Forecasted 3-year revenue, unit volume, and Profit & Loss

Channel Management

Account Manager Point of Contact

  • Provide strategic guidance and consulting on growth opportunities; includes weekly meeting with Account Manager

Enhance Content Creation

  • Develop brand content strategy and design for compelling creative that supports brand strategy, implementing best practices for mobile and desktop
  • Design A+ Content for Amazon, Rich Media for, Enhanced Content for
  • Inclusive of build, graphic design, and copywriting

Assortment Strategy

  • Analyze competitive environment on Amazon to determine how to win the buy box, and assess cost analysis
  • Demand planning and inventory recommendations
Weekly Performance Tracking_ Research

Marketplace PPC Campaign Creation & Strategy

  • Develop marketplace on-platform campaign strategies and create ads tailored to your brand (e.g., on Amazon,, other)
  • Sponsored Brands and Display Ad campaigns included within the advertising mix to drive impressions and retargeting efforts

We provide holistic go-to-market strategy and business planning for vendors, sellers, and hybrid models. We prescribe a plan tailored to your business, reflecting your catalog of products, the category, and competitive set.