Why am I not making a profit on my eCommerce business?

The short answer is that to maximize your margins in eCommerce, you cannot simply throw products online. It requires careful strategic planning, flawless demand planning, efficient paid marketing, and vigilant compliance with operational regulations.

the benefits

To maximize eCommerce profitability, brands need to be smart about their product assortment, pack size bundles, and the selling price that they set by channel. HINGE GLOBAL can help determine the expected margin per item, reflecting cost of goods, expected volume, shipping fees, warehousing fees, marketplace co-op fees, and other investments.

Leverage HINGE GLOBAL’s strategic planning tools to help you optimize your online business.


How big is the category? Who are the key players? What are the average prices per unit? What are the product features driving the most sales? What are the new emerging product trends?

If you are considering expanding into a new category on Amazon, or launching on Amazon for the first time, HINGE GLOBAL can answer these questions and more. Our state-of-the-art sales estimation tools for Amazon allow us to capture sales by product, over a two year period. Coupled with our other proprietary data extraction tools, we can provide category market size, trend analysis, competitive benchmarking, and other analytics to help you assess the category.

Don't enter the channel blindly. Let HINGE GLOBAL's Category Landscape Assessment provide you with an understanding of the lay of the land.

business launch plan

What products should you launch? At what price points should you sell? How much will you need to allocate to paid advertising (PPC)? How much volume can you expect in Year 1, 2, and 3? What profit margin can you expect to make by item and across your line-up? What set-up and operational requirements do you need for your Amazon account? What should your digital creative strategy look like?

If you are launching new products on Amazon, HINGE GLOBAL can help you build a comprehensive Business Launch Plan. This analysis is the most thorough assessment of its kind. This Business Launch Plan will encapsulate our state-of-the-art tools to benchmark competitive sales by product, apply best-practices to estimate competitive ad spending, and deliver best-in-class forecasting to help you determine the size-of-prize. We draw from experts from across our business to help guide your strategy, including our Operations team, Account Management, Advertising, Copywriting, Design, and others.

Launch your new products with both eyes open. Let HINGE GLOBAL help you determine where to play and how to win with your new product launch.

amazon brand share dashboard

Sales on Amazon has grown an average of 35% year-over-year in the US, and new brand entrants are evolving extremely quickly. We recommend that any business selling on Amazon should subscribe to the US Amazon Brand Share Dashboard to keep track of what is happening in this dynamic environment, and gauge your performance relative to key competition.

The US Amazon Brand Share Dashboard is a very simple-to-use tool that shows brand and product level details by brand and SKU. We provide over two years of syndicated tracking for several categories, tracked by week and by month. The measures tracked include Revenue Share, Revenue, Unit Volume, Unit Share, number of SKUs, average price per unit, and average revenue per SKU.

The categories tracked include:

  • Coffee (whole bean coffee, ground coffee, instant coffee, and single serve capsules/pods)
  • Running Shoes (men and women's running shoes)
  • And other categories

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