Digiday | As Amazon Grows, Agencies See Opportunities in Amazon Marketing Practices

CEO and Co-Founder, Fred Killingsworth, talks with Digiday's Shareen Pathak about the growing need for companies like Hinge to help establish, manage and grow brands on Amazon.

Shareen Pathak

Agencies and other types of consultancies smell blood in the water when it comes to Amazon, driven by how big and confusing the retail giant is — and how much work there is to go around. The big differentiator for agencies is that landing a brand’s Amazon account isn’t just about advertising. It’s also about everything else: from supply chain to logistics, to border crossings, to e-commerce management, to reviews to even shipping. After all, if your product is out of stock, your ads will stop firing.

In 2015, Fred Killingsworth, a former business development manager at Amazon, launched Hinge Consulting, a Cincinnati-based agency. His pitch is that most people “misinterpret” what Amazon is. Manufacturers and retailers view it as a traditional wholesale retailer customer, when “in fact, it’s a platform, and it’s a method to market,” he said. Most companies aren’t accustomed to managing multiple third-party sellers and dealing with the additional operating burden on their businesses that Amazon creates, he added. “We started [Hinge] because small companies and large brands can’t get the help or support they need to drive sales and optimize sales on Amazon.” Amazon will have maybe “hundreds” of vendor managers, but 3 million vendors.

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