Digiday | Amazon Reviews Have a Bot Problem

CEO and Co-Founder, Fred Killingsworth, talks with Digiday's Shareen Pathak about how quality, real reviews contribute to the success of brands on Amazon.

Shareen Pathak

Bot reviews continue to be a growing concern for retailers and brands selling on Amazon. In most cases, the only recourse brands have is to click “report abuse” and then potentially start a conversation with their Amazon contacts. 

“Reviews are critical to your success on Amazon,” said Fred Killingsworth, CEO of Amazon consultancy Hinge. “This goes back to brand management. If you’re not policing or managing your reviews, it can really hurt.” He added that negative reviews, whether fake or real, affect brands on and off Amazon, even in brick-and-mortar situations. “Amazon is this great equalizer in that competitors can come out of anywhere,” he said. “But bot reviews skew the entire experience.”

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