Digiday | Direct-to-Consumer Brands Are Turning Away From Amazon

CEO and Co-Founder, Fred Killingsworth, talks to Hilary Milnes with Digiday about how Amazon is pushing harder to court DTC brands because of the types of customers they have.

Hilary Milnes

Boasting an anti-Amazon growth strategy has become a point of pride for brands that fancy themselves as part of the resistance against Amazon’s retail machine. These brands do business by way of building customer connections from data, with tactics like feel-good sustainability messages and we’re-your-friend marketing strategies layered on top. Customers may shop Amazon for basics but when they shop from brands for more considered purchases, they’re buying into something bigger.

"Amazon is always the prowl to get more brands to sell on its platform. But these DTC brands — which have brand equity, loyal customers and generally a few years of selling online under their belts — are being specially courted as part of an Amazon push to stake some claim in the category" said Fred Killingsworth, Hinge."

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