Last Updated May 22, 2020 (Version 1.0)


HINGE GLOBAL's Channel Management includes a strategic operations team executing the day-to-day tasks needed for a successful e-commerce business. HINGE GLOBAL acts as an extension of your brand, providing end-to-end synchronized solutions.

Account Manager Point of ContactProvide strategic guidance and consulting on growth opportunities; includes weekly meeting with Account ManagerCM-000
Listing Quality AuditOur Account Audit provides you with an unbiased scorecard of your overall Amazon account health, including analysis of your shipping, customer service, and product policy compliance, as well as an audit of your product listing health and account set up. This audit highlights areas of focus to improve organic sales and improve your product ranking.CM-001
Reimbursement RecoveryIdentify, investigate and manage recovery case to receive all potential reimbursements. HINGE GLOBAL will expedite process on behalf of your brand.CM-002
Brand Registry Setup and ManagementBrand registry enrollment, trademark attorney partnership, and Amazon case managementCM-003
Project Zero Setup and Management[Prerequisite: Must have Brand Registry] Project Zero enrollment to help manage counterfeit productsCM-004
Third Party Monitoring and ConsultingRecurring tracking of third-party sellers and MAP compliance. We then consult with you on the appropriate action steps to take.CM-005
Transparency Setup and Management[Prerequisite: Must have Brand Registry] Work with a third party partner to define and print labels.CM-006
Platform ConsultingMargin analysis to determine the optimal platform (Vendor vs. Seller) based on product category, dimensions, shipping costs, and other fees.CM-007
New Account Set-upSet up a new Seller Marketplace account, implement initial listings, and secure category approval.CM-008
Category ApprovalSpecific categories require additional Amazon approval – HINGE GLOBAL can help accelerate approval times by up to two monthsCM-009
Demand PlanningWeekly coverage calculation to minimize out-of-stocks while also reducing the amount of storage fees Analysis reflects sales velocity, aged and excess units, receiving and manufacturing turn time, marketing and seasonalityCM-010
Catalog ManagementFor standard listings managed by HINGE GLOBAL (see D-008), we will oversee on-going maintenance of these listings (including suppressed listings, stranded listings, quality alerts, etc.)CM-011
Account ReinstatementHINGE GLOBAL's expertise in managing seller accounts across dozens of categories provides us insights with the most effective way to re-instate an account after suspension. We work on your behalf to re-activate yuor account and partner with your team to create processes to prevent reoccurrenceCM-012
Listing ReinstatementMarketplace listings can be supressed at any time due to a variety of factors, including excessive negative reviews, excess return rates, or incorrect classification of restricted products. HINGE GLOBAL's experience in managing thousands of listings to identify the root cause of a listing supression and get your listings re-activated as soon as possible.CM-013
Account Plan of ActionIf your account has been suspended, HINGE GLOBAL will review your account, notifications, and data. HINGE GLOBAL will create a plan of action to get the account reinstated, and partner with your team to create processes to prevent reoccurence.CM-014
Violation Case Creation and ManagementThrough brand registry, we manage violation cases, including counterfeit infringement, copyright infringement, or IP infringement. Cases are written based on terms of serviceCM-015
Semi-Annual Copy / Keyword UpdatesReview existing copywriting on all listings to review for new front-end, back-end and negative keywords. Update keywords and make changes to active listings accordingly.D-017


HINGE GLOBAL oversees high-performing campaigns to achieve the greatest return on investment for marketplace on-platform paid advertising, including Amazon Advertising Services (AMS), and digital marketing on Management of Marketing Services is included as part of Channel Management, but it does not include the marketing spend itself. Marketing services can also be contracted with HINGE GLOBAL as a standalone service (outside of Channel Management).

Marketplace Paid Search and Advertising (e.g., Amazon,, etc.)Activities include:
  • Develop campaign strategies and create ads tailored to your brand Sponsored Brands and Display Ad campaigns included within the advertising mix to drive impressions and retargeting efforts.
  • Bid optimization - keyword bids are evaluated and adjusted hourly across all Sponsored Brand campaigns in order to deliver optimal performance metrics.
Automated Keyword Bidding and OptimizationActivities include:
  • Keyword refinement - new keywords are mined and existing targets are refined on a weekly basis across campaigns. Negative targets are initiated to eliminate wasted ad spending.
  • Campaign budgets and ad spend are evaluated and adjusted on a daily, weekly and monthly cadence.
Marketplace PPC Campaign CreationDevelop campaign strategies and create ads tailored to your brand Sponsored Brands and Display Ad campaigns included within the advertising mix to drive impressions and retargeting effortsM-001


We provide "ala carte" services to support and optimize your marketplace business.

Automated Customer Service Platform AccessAccess to HINGE GLOBAL's license of Feedback Whiz, which reflects our scaled pricing. Feedback Whiz can be configured to send automated emails for every order, product reviews, and seller feedback to enable you to deliver exceptional customer service and increase product reviews.CM-006
Customer Service Setup, Monitoring and ManagementHINGE GLOBAL manages Feedback Whiz on your behalf, building out email templates that adhere to terms of service, manage any neutral or negative feedback to resolve issues with customer.CM-007
Third Party Seller Monitoring and ManagementWeekly or daily tracking of unauthorized third party sellers. HINGE GLOBAL leverages this data to create violation cases through brand registry to have sellers removed.CM-008


Through a combination of proprietary tools and marketplace analysis, we continuously inform and advise clients on everything from the competitive landscape to trending search terms. We offer a variety of reports along with real-time daily dashboards to cover all your needs.

Interactive Dashboard (Tableau Visualization) LicenseAccess to HINGE GLOBAL's Tableau dashboard, to enable interactive and dynamic reporting capabilities to analyze your sales, marketing, and inventory information.R-001
Weekly Performance ReportWeekly Amazon performance metrics, including: Sales Dollars, Unit Sales, Ad Spending, Return on Ad Spending, Traffic Metrics, Ad campaign level details, at Brand, Parent, and Child-level details trended over time. Also includes Ad Campaigns, Ad Placement, Top 20 Search Terms, Target Search, Bidding Strategy.R-002
Third Party Tracking Report
Tracking report that highlights the sellers by SKU. Includes tracking of MAP compliance and seller ratings. This enables registered brand owners to have visibility and take action on unauthorized sellers on Amazon.R-003
Third Party Seller and Listing Audit Bundle
Reporting bundle that includes Third Party Seller Report (See R-003), an audit of your product listings health on Amazon that highlights areas of focus to improve organic sales and product ranking, and showcases which seller is winning the buy-box.R-004
Amazon Competitive Brand Share ReportTracking of competitive sales on Amazon by category, by brand, and by product. Includes revenue, unit volume, average price. Results trended by week and by month.R-005


HINGE GLOBAL's strategic consulting services enables you to launch and manage your business on Amazon with clear strategic and data-driven insights, including white space opportunities and future growth plans.

Market Size Category ReviewAssess category size on Amazon, identify top competitors across segments, their respective brand share, and average price per unit. Positioning for top SKUs. Consumer search trends in the category. New product white space opportunities also identifiedCS-001
Business Launch PlanStrategic business review plus detailed launch plan for Amazon. Launch plan includes assortment recommendations, size of prize volume estimation, and a proforma P&L. Margin analysis reflects recommended fulfilment method, recommended pricing, Amazon fees, recommended marketing spending, and brand's cost of goods.CS-002
Assortment StrategyAnalyze competitive environment on Amazon to determine how to win the buy box, and assess cost analysis Demand planning and inventory recommendationsCS-003


Our graphic designers and copywriters combine e-commerce channel best practices with cutting-edge design customized for your brand on any channel. We develop product listings that are relevant, accurate, with search-optimized content to maximize impressions and conversions.

Standard Listing Creation - Parent SKUCreate or optimize product descriptions, titles, and bullet points while leveraging keywords on the front and back-end for the Standard listing. Includes 4 images that are optimized for background removal, size, file naming, and marketplace formatting. [Note: Service does not include uploading.]
Product Listing Keyword Research and CopywritingOptimize product descriptions, titles, and bullet points, leveraging keywords in front and back-end. [Note: Service does not include uploading.]
Product Listing Images - Format Client Images for UploadReformatting existing client images to comply with platform standards. [Note: Service does not include uploading.]
Product Listing Images - Create Custom ImagesCreate custom product imagery for listing, showing product in-use, lifestyle shots, beauty shots that are all optimized for mobile and desktop. [Note: Service does not include uploading.]
  • Design work includes up to three design revisions
Keyword ReportsThis data will enable you to leverage the industry-leading data to do your own copywritingD-007
Enhanced Content - Copy and DesignDevelop content strategy and design for compelling creative that supports brand strategy, product story and implementing best practices for mobile and desktop. Inclusive of build, graphic design, and copywriting. Includes Amazon A+, Target Rich Media, and Walmart Enhanced Content.
  • Design work includes up to three design revisions
Individual Enhanced Content Module CreationIncludes Amazon A+, Target Rich Media, and Walmart Enhanced Content.D-009
Storefront Copy and DesignIncorporate premium in-store experience using a custom branded destination on Amazon. Inclusive of build, graphic design, and copywriting. Includes front page and 3 tabs. [Note: Service does not include uploading.]
  • Design work includes up to three design revisions
Individual Storefront Tab Creation[Service does not include uploading.]D-011
Product Photography and VideoCreate clear and well-defined product photographs or video that are optimized for mobile and desktop that can be leveraged on all e-commerce platforms
  • Design work includes up to three design revisions
Product Motion Graphic (PMG)Creation of product motion graphic utilized to showcase a single product by including stills and focused messaging. [Note: Service does not include uploading.]
  • Design work includes up to three design revisions
Campaign Motion GraphicCreation of a graphic that is similar to a GIF. This graphic is a looping, no audio graphic that is a maximum of 20 seconds showcasing up to 6 products. [Note: Service does not include uploading.]
  • Design work includes up to three design revisions
Additional Design RevisionsPer-hour charge for any additional revisions to newly-created or existing contentD-015
Semi-Annual Content AuditReview existing content strategy and design, and benchmark vs key competition and the category trends. Assess what changes or updates are needed.D-016
Semi-Annual Copy/Keyword UpdatesRefresh keywords and copy every 6 months. Provided as part of Channel Management.D-017
Design Update for Seasonal or Competitive RefreshCreation of content to support special events, including: Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Prime Day, holidays, seasons, and client-specific key dates. [Note: Service does not include uploading.]
  • Design work includes up to three design revisions