Amazon Customer Experience Metrics

Amazon Performance

Amazon’s Customer Experience Metrics are available on US Seller Central.  The four key metrics that are included are Price Competitiveness, Prime Eligibility, In-Stock Rate, and Selection Completeness.

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Amazon Search Analytics – New Feature!

Amazon Consulting Experts

Amazon Search Analytics is a new feature within Amazon Seller Central for accounts with brand registry and Brand Analytics. HINGE GLOBAL is using this data to enhance our copywriting and organic search performance, as well as the sponsored advertising performance for our clients.

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Advertising on Amazon: Best Practices Checklist

Advertising on Amazon Best Practices

This Amazon Advertising checklist summarizes the best practice steps for advertising on Amazon. The checklist can be used to determine if your Amazon ad campaigns are set up for growth.  Use this checklist to identify how efficient your advertising spending is, and identify where there are opportunities to optimize your marketing campaigns.   

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The Fundamentals of Amazon Advertising

There are three primary types of Amazon advertising: Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display Ads. Your Amazon advertising strategy will determine how much AMS spending you should allocate to each type of ad in order to get the most out of your eCommerce marketing budget.

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Diversify Your Fulfillment Process for Cost Savings and Growth

Fulfillment Process

In January 2022, Amazon increased their Fulfillment By Amazon fees by as much as 8%, and more than doubled their disposal fees. With increased supply chain bottlenecks, it is critical that eCommerce sellers rethink their fulfillment approaches in order to improve profitability and operational flexibility.

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Sale of Pesticides within California

In addition to federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements on the sale of pesticides in the United States, further requirements apply for sales on certain pesticide products at the state level. The California Department of Pesticide Regulation (CDPR) requires the registration of certain pesticides sold in the State of California. Amazon checks all pesticide products…

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