Why Amazon Is Critical To Drive College Licensing Revenue

Cancelation of Fall 2020 College Football Season

Now more than ever, consumers are relying on Amazon to meet their shopping needs in a post-COVID world.  To help drive revenue, university licensing programs should improve their schools’ Amazon presence by creating a college-branded Amazon Storefront, and work with their licensees to improve product listing quality. The Impact of COVID-19 on College Licensing Revenue…

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Unmasking Face Masks

We’ve heard it from the CDC, the WHO, various State Departments of Health, and even the cast of Hamilton: wearing a face covering or mask helps slow the spread of the coronavirus.  Numerous sellers and manufacturers have approached HINGE GLOBAL expressing interest in selling face coverings or masks on Amazon.  This article shares our market analysis of face masks on US Amazon, and shares recommendations.

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COVID-19: Strategies to Help Your E-Comm Survive


The coronavirus will have an impact on brick and mortar retail, as well as on digital commerce. Sellers, companies, and retailers need to focus on getting their businesses operating as efficiently as possible.  Here are strategies to leverage in the face of the COVID-19 crisis to help your online business weather the storm. There are…

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To rebrand or not to rebrand… that is the question

Your brand may be considering changing the color of your labels, branding mark on your jeans, or possibly new packaging. Sometimes the slight changes that you make frequently in stores may present different and unique challenges online. In a traditional brick and mortar environment, retailers that are transitioning to new labels or product packaging will typically…

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