Amazon Prime Day will take place on October 13-14 2020.  Hopefully, you already have your Prime Day promotion plans and budgets in place to ensure success.  Amazon’s goal of moving Prime Day to the start of Q4 is to encourage consumers to start their holiday shopping earlier, to mitigate some of the supply chain bottlenecks that are expected to happen in December.  Despite this objective, Amazon’s warehouses are already inundated with inventory.  Amazon has instituted many new policies and procedures to try to manage their warehouse space, including increasing the minimum threshold for Inventory Performance Index (IPI) to 500, setting inventory limits on inbound FBA shipments, and no longer offering the Small and Light program under Seller Fulfilled Prime.  In fact, changes at Amazon are happening so frequently that it is almost impossible to stay on top of it all if you are not completely immersed in it every single day.

Target has announced their competing deal days over the same days as Amazon Prime Day.  If you need help designing or uploading your rich media content for Target and your other channels, we are here to help you. HINGE has partnered with Salsify to provide our Content Acceleration service to help you upload your rich media content, while also offering cost and time savings!  If you have your content ready, we can upload it for you across Walmart, Target, Lowes, Petco, Petsmart, Shopify, BJs, and Amazon in less than 72 hours.


Many of the e-commerce channels will likely implement “Black-Out Periods” in the coming weeks. Historically Amazon has implemented their Black-Out Period from mid-November until the end of December.  The Black-Out Period typically involves restrictions on new seasonal content for listings and new brands. Channel approval for new storefronts and enhanced brand content is also typically delayed.  Given this, if you do not have optimized holiday content in place or have not launched your new products yet, it will become progressively harder as we head into Q4. If you need help to accelerate your content updates, please contact us as soon as possible.


This is not going to be a normal Q4!  Manufacturers are already facing many headwinds related to inventory, fulfillment, Black Friday promotions, and more.  To maximize your sales in Q4, you need to: a) flawlessly execute your Amazon, Walmart, D2C and other digital channels’ optimize supply chain, operations, and promotion strategies;  b) strengthen your FBM and shipping capabilities (don’t just rely on FBA), c) continue to grow your presence on diverse e-commerce channels outside Amazon; and d) leverage data to drive business efficiency.


Finally, we have partnered with DM Fulfillment to offer FBM services to sellers.  DM Fulfillment can help with warehousing, direct-to-consumer shipping, damages and returns handling, and more.  The Partner Spotlight article below describes their services.

The team at HINGE GLOBAL is singularly focused on helping brands accelerate their digital commerce.  Please reach out to me to share your specific challenge – I am happy to help.

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