Phocus Caffeinated Sparkling Water

HINGE GLOBAL has helped Phocus grow month-over-month in both revenue and unit volume . Our strong creative content yields 53% conversion rate, and our return on ad spending is 6.1X. Read more to learn how we did it.

Phocus is a caffeinated sparkling water that comes in a variety of flavors. HINGE GLOBAL helped to launch this business on Amazon several years ago, and grow it to become an Amazon bestseller in both Sparkling Water and Flavored Water. Sales have consistently grown month-over-month. After only two years with HINGE GLOBAL, the brand is on pace to reach $1MM in sales on Amazon.

HINGE GLOBAL developed the creative content for Phocus, including product images, videos, motion graphics, A+ enhanced content, and a storefront. The team also continuously updates the copy and keywords in order to reflect the latest trends in search. These creative assets have helped the brand appear in the top 15 organic search results for the primary search term, and enjoy a conversion rate of 53%. (The average Amazon conversion rate is 9.5%.)

HINGE GLOBAL has managed the on-platform advertising (i.e., AMS) for Phocus using a combination of auto-bidding, manual bidding, and testing new advertising functionalities. We take a very data-driven approach to advertising, leveraging A/B testing wherever possible to determine the optimal strategy. The account team also quickly shifted promotions and marketing dollars when Phocus was faced with FBA inventory challenges. Because of these actions, HINGE GLOBAL delivered a Return on Ad Spending of 6.1X for the past 12 months. (Amazon’s average ROAS is 3X).

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“We are proud of our partnership with HINGE GLOBAL. Their creative design work and on-going channel management have helped deliver stellar business results for Phocus. Throughout the COVID crisis, the team has been extremely proactive in helping us manage our business, identifying solutions to potential issues before they became full-fledged problems. HINGE GLOBAL has helped us explore alternative fulfillment solutions, redirect promotions towards in-stock items, generate new variety bundles, pivot our marketing strategy, and taken numerous other actions. I also think they have a “bat phone” to Amazon, which is how they can resolve issues with the channel so quickly.

Perhaps the best reflection of their partnership with us is that HINGE GLOBAL helped introduce our brand to a major national brick-and-mortar retailer, enabling us to leverage our success on Amazon to springboard into traditional retail.

Big thanks to the HINGE GLOBAL team for all your support of the Phocus business.”

John Mittel, CEO, Clear/Cut Phocus

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