Phocus Caffeinated Sparkling Water

PHOCUS has doubled its revenue and achieved 9.1X return on ad spending, through best-in-class SEO, efficient paid marketing, and break-through design.

Phocus is a caffeinated sparkling water that comes in a variety of flavors. HINGE GLOBAL has managed their Amazon business for over 18 months, and have updated their creative content, product positioning, and keywords. On-going optimization of their marketing spend has also delivered consistent business growth.

Phocus consistently ranks in the top 100 bestselling products for flavored water (which is driven by historical sales and projected future sales). Phocus also consistently ranks in the top 5 search results for “caffeinated water” (which is driven by Amazon’s A9 algorithm, reflecting the quality of the listing, use of key words, sales conversions, presence of A+ content, and other factors). Dollar sales for Phocus has increased by 98% and unit volume has increased by 86% year-over-year. Phocus’ web traffic and marketing performance have also been stellar, with number of page views growing by 82% and return on ad spend is 9.1X.

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